The women of Twirl are committed to building a better world through conscious connecting.  We come from the Heartland, and work with local manufacturers and other domestic partners who share our values of quality, beauty and working with joy. One benefit we enjoy with these partners is a creating a light carbon footprint, because each fiber we weave in the fabric of our life is precious.

Kansas City, MO
A local manufacturing company where we have sourced and custom printed many of our beautiful fabrics.

Monmouth, ME
Maine Heritage Weavers is a family-owned and -operated textile company that is proud to continue the weaving tradition of the historic Bates Manufacturing Company (est.1850).Founded by former Bates President (Fred Lebel) and his daughter (Linda Cloutier), this team of former Bates craftsmen and women use the same equipment to weave superior quality woven bedspreads, blankets and accessories for the home as taught to them by their parents and grandparents. 

Dallas, TX
This luxurious linen market was so inspired by the concept of TWIRL they are working with us to create a private label of pillow case gift sets.


Rachel Eilts: Graphic Designer

Caroline Powell: Product Development