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Micro-investments in Self-care

Having a baby isn’t a walk in the park. It can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. How do you maintain your balance through it all? When do YOU come first? How about now?

Inspiring mothers-to-be for over 30 years

Linda Putthoff

My name is Linda Putthoff. I’ve taught and inspired mothers-to-be for over 30 years, as a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, assisting at births in many situations (including 3 of my own). I know first-hand the benefits that micro-investments in self-care can deliver. Let me share a secret with you: little things add up in a BIG way. In labor and delivery as in life, being able to get centered quickly (AND OFTEN!) is a skill that is worth developing.

Whatever life presents, the power YOU have to ride your roller coaster with grace and ease depends in part on your mastery of mindfulness. Let me lead you on your own path to deeper self-care. Find out how you can make your work feel a little more like play, and learn how to do it on the fly! When you take time – even just one minute or less – to take care of yourself FIRST, you can change your world … for you and for those you love.

I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Maria Hunt, to bring you MeWe Birthing. Dr. Hunt developed MeWe Mindfulness in 2014, to teach the techniques she had learned and used since the 70s. She incorporates latest research in neurosciences with her own lab and clinical experience. Each month she will bring you fun facts to know about your brain and how mindfulness works.

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Our Happy Mothers

  • “Linda embraces the full spectrum of territories in her birth-coaching work: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and mystical. She is a loving champion for the moms and babies she supports. Under her guidance, you can't help but believe in yourself.” – 
  • “Pregnancy is a great training ground. Learning to focus, set intention, and keep a positive attitude is good practice for labor and delivery.” – 
  • “Linda reminded me of the innate power of my body to do exactly the right thing, exactly as it was. No judgement. Linda is not only the embodiment of fiercely compassionate motherhood in her coaching, but her inner light shines the reminder that even in moments of pain or difficulty, relief is freely available by opening and softening to what's true and beautiful — right here, right now.” – 
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