TWIRL is a woman-owned business, committed to domestic manufacturing of products which support Life Cycle Events from birth to the end of your days. Twirl has a vision of “Weaving Lives Together.” The message of Twirl is that there is a flow of connection and support that runs through and around each of us. When we actively, mindfully, participate in that flow, giving and receiving become easier; happy “synchronicities” are noticed more frequently; and we find ourselves more engaged in creating, at work and at home, the kind of world we desire.

We are participating in the groundswell of Dignity and Comfort returning to the health care industry. We understand that patient care cannot be separated from human compassion and dignity, and we have a team who consults with health care providers developing patient apparel to reflect that.

In addition, we produce a line of beautiful, durable, made in the USA gifts that carry messages to inspire, uplift, and connect people. “Love and Appreciation” is our premier message, since we feel those words bring us close to a high-value connection with self and others.

When I was searching for gifts for a loved one far away, I was unable to find exactly I wanted to comfort my friend. I wanted something that would express my love and thoughts, and also something that would support my friend to feel as if I were there with her, holding her hand. 

    For all those times when you want to bring a casserole, hold a hand, offer help... any of the beautiful and time-honored ways we have of connecting - think of a gift from TWIRL.  For times you want to share an act of kindness that has the power to sustain both the giver and the recipient, connecting one to the other - TWIRL has a gift for you. For times you want to uplift someone with reminders of hope, love and joy -TWIRL.