Vibration of Appreciation Posted on 13 Apr 07:25 , 0 comments

At Twirl, we bring you beautiful gifts and apparel from America's Heartland with messages that uplift and inspire. One of our gift lines is "Love and Appreciation". Today, I'm sharing a bit about why I love apprecation!

My heart is like a tuning fork, and I get to decide in each moment my vibrational frequency.  On a typical day, I run a wide range of frequencies (think “emotions”) through my system. My amazing heart is sometimes giddy with the beauty of nature, sometimes fearful with the unknown looming before me, angry, sad, and many feelings on the spectrum. A practice of mindfulness allows me to partner my mind with my heart, and offers more opportunity to choose perspective and adjust my frequency to the preference I have in the moment. 

Experiencing a range of emotions is healthy and human! Sometimes when I am sad or angry, I ride deeply into those feelings and allow them their space and time. In my day to day life, though, I have a strong preference for experiencing joy, peace, love and appreciation; of these, appreciation is the easiest to get to no matter where I find myself on the vibration dial.  Finding joy when I’m really mad about something is a great big giant step for me. In my experience, however, there is ALWAYS something I can appreciate.  Often something in my environment captures my attention. Wind, water, fire, air, earth, light all make up the world around me, and often the smallest thing is large enough to bring on full body appreciation and, voila, vibrational shift.

How do I feel when I am in appreciation? I feel open and full at the same time. In addition, I find that when feeling appreciation there are often dimensions of joy, and peace and love. Appreciation has a one-ness feel to me, as if I am breathing in an essence of something beautiful and wonderful – whether that’s an oldie but a goodie on the radio, the color of a scarf, or a bite of cookie. Appreciation is not a snob. What captures my attention in a delightful way right now? A crunchy pickle?! Good enough!

Ah…. This is where I feel the vibrational difference between appreciation and gratitude. When I am grateful for this pickle, I feel thankful that it has been provided for me, for the vegetable that gives its life to me, for the folks that picked it, pickled it, packed it and shipped it. Yet it is an “I and Thou” relationship. I am grateful FOR all of that. Not a bad feeling. Gratitude is important to me because it is both comforting and humbling to remember how many people have a hand in the life I enjoy. But appreciation, the taking in of pickleness and feeling my joy and love of pickle crunch, somehow makes me feel one-with. Are you with me?

Appreciation is so equal opportunity that it invites me to open up and feel inclusive of experiences beyond my own – like maybe you don’t feel appreciation for the pickle. Maybe you appreciate the onion. But when I am in appreciation of pickle and you are in appreciation of onion, we are one in the vibration of appreciation. Namaste.