Threads of Love (you are more than what you see in the mirror!) Posted on 9 Oct 17:35 , 9 comments

Change is in the air. You feel it. Everywhere you look, things are twirling. Today, my message is one of hope, love, and joy. The winds of October are blowing, and headlines aren’t telling you everything. The mirror is not reflecting all of who you are. Each day I’m waking up more and more to the story beyond the story, and I want you to join me.

You are more than what you see in the mirror! You are part of the fabric of energy that both holds you and IS you. Sometimes it is easier to see this with your eyes closed. When you close your eyes, a large percentage of your brain function that is normally used up by visual processing becomes available. This allows you to sense in other ways. Someone said to me last week, “Math is. Mathematics is just our attempt to describe what is.” As an old yoga student who studies subtle energy and also loves science, I’ve always thought, “Metaphysics is. Physics is our attempt to describe what is.” The energy and vibrations that compose us and connect us can be experienced, and we can share that experience with each other - that is a fundamental part of our message here at Twirl.

Last week, my partner Pam and I had a chance to slip our Twirl™ eyepillows into the goodie bags of the 1,500 people attending the Living in Vitality conference. I led some of them in a breakout session on mindfulness, where they took a few minutes to relax and, with the lightweight eyepillow gently soothing their nervous system, experience being fully present. When we unplug from distractions, we actually find that we are plugged in and connected; we are plugged into a shared flow of life energy, most obvious in the simple flow of breath into and from our body. As we feel that flow more fully, we may notice the web of love and support woven into the world around us.


So whatever your days and nights hold, I encourage you to give yourself time to recharge and refocus. When you take time to practice with your eyes closed, it becomes easier to hold this focus when your eyes are open. By choosing to take time to unplug from news and negativity and instead plug into feelings of love and connection, you strengthen your immune system and bring healthier function to your internal systems such as digestion and heart function. Scientists are beginning to observe and describe what spiritual teachers have told us for ages! While you might experience yourself as isolated and alone, you are part of a complex circle and cycle of life. The more deeply you settle your attention on the present, the more deeply you feel the support of the Love inherent in your connectedness as part of the fabric of creation.

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