The Eye of the Storm Posted on 11 Sep 20:05 , 0 comments

When you think “twirl” do you feel yourself caught up in a whirlwind? As a young mother, I relied on an innate ability to ride near the eye of the storm. Navigating teaching, running a studio, and keeping my household filled with love was a 3-ring circus. Twirling, indeed! I was aware enough to notice that when I was centered and peaceful, my children reflected that. Even if someone was off-kilter, I could hold the ship steady. Many other times, my children’s irritability pointed to my being off center. But always, at the center of my deepest heart’s desire was love. Love is a compass that points to the eye of the storm.

Now, newly empty-nested and with my oldest daughter’s children playing at my feet, I have a new and deeper perspective about the eye of the storm. Caught up in the whirling storm less frequently, with more time to sit quietly, I am able to look back and see how love is a strength that carries us, and does so most powerfully when we consciously bring it into every moment. I watch my grandson get ready for school, with his little Twirl bag on his back. Knowing the storm blows around a deep calm, I trust he is safe in this calm as he goes out into the world with the wide open, curious and joy-filled eyes of a child.

Now that I have more time for myself, I am curious about how much more deeply into that eye I can settle. Will you join me?

Movement is circular and, around the rhythmic beating of your heart and the in and out cycle of your breath, the world spins. Waves and spirals! Returning to your own rhythms allows you to return to the part of you that is already connected to inner knowing. We find the presence of our center always within our own beating hearts. So find your breath. Listen to your heartbeat. Watch life twirl around you! As you notice your breath and your heartbeat, you are watching from a seat near the eye of the storm. Near the I AM.

Want to move more deeply into that center? In the stillness between the rise and fall of your breath, be open. Then breathe in Love. State I AM LOVE.

Pause and try this exercise:
As you breathe, breathe in a feeling of Love.
State I AM LOVE.
Close your eyes for a minute while you practice for 3 breaths.

*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *

How does that feel?

Whatever your life holds – busy family life, work drama, the world at large – join me in spending more time watching life from the centered stillness between the beats of your heart. As often as possible, return your attention to the place just behind your heart. As you look out on the world, see everything through the lens of your compassionate heart. See yourself through the lens of your compassionate heart. Unplug from the fray and plug in to the power of being present. If you are looking for a way to help you to stay focused, or are looking for a gift to remind a loved one you are holding them in the center of their storm, visit our website. As I sit in the center of the storm, and you sit in the center of the storm, we are together.