Thank You For Shining Your Light Posted on 20 Nov 21:50 , 11 comments

This thanksgiving week, I am thankful for the light that you shine into the world! You can’t help yourself. Simply walking through the world, you leave in your wake people impacted by your thoughts, words, and actions. Can you sense your thoughts and feelings like threads, or strands of spider-web-like light, connecting you to your goals, to people, to places? Can you feel across the miles and across time the love you have shared and the pain you have eased?

Our thoughts and feelings are like filaments of light. We are tendrils of energy weaving a tapestry more complex and magnificent than we can imagine from our up-close and personal perspective. By choosing our thoughts and words with care and consciousness, we develop our ability to co-create this fabric of our lives and share our strength with each other. Gifts from Twirl not only send a message that you are thinking of someone, but remind you that you are connected every time you think of each other. The love you send out is received, amplified, and sent back to you, so shining your light benefits others AND yourself.

I gave a Twirl t-shirt to my daughter when she left for school last fall. She texted me recently and said “wearing my Twirl shirt today and it is making me feel like a radiant goddess”.
Linda twirling
Just so happened that day I was wearing one of my Twirl shirts. I sent her a picture of me in my studio Twirling, and for the rest of the day we were strengthened by our shared energy of love and joy. If the threads of our connection were visible, the web of love and light connecting us must have looked like a super-highway with all the car lights on high beam!

Want to take a few minutes to re-charge your battery.  Listen here.  Imagine all the love and kindness you’ve ever received flowing into you on beautiful threads of light. Soak it all in. Then thank all those people in your life and release all the threads (as easily as a dandelion releases its seeds in the wind). Now sit in your own light, feel love for yourself FROM yourself. You are precious. You are loved. I am thankful you are shining! Namaste.