Outstanding In Your Field

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Have you heard the joke about the farmer who won an award? He was always out standing in his field!  Do you feel like you are outstanding in your field? Like the farmer, when we allow ourselves to simply be, to stand with the earth under our feet and the sky above us, we find a prize awaiting us. That award-winning farmer teaches us that when we participate in an ever-present flow of energy, allowing cycles of growth and decay without judging one or the other to be “bad” or “less than”, we rise toward excellence. The farmer reminds us we are participants in something greater than ourselves.

We are all part of a field of energy. Do you have pets? Have you observed their sensitivity? Dogs are frequently observed anticipating the arrival of their owners, even when that arrival time is random. Dogs are "out standing” in the field. They can’t help themselves. They exist in a connected world. It seems that humans alone have the ability to experience ourselves as separate.

The amazing intellect we possess as humans is a double edged sword. We are fantastic creators. Looking around the world, I marvel at the seemingly endless array of creative expression! But we also can create a sense of separation that may leave us feeling alone, scared, and adrift without a sense of meaning and purpose. The idea behind our products at Twirl is to remember that we are connected. Not only are we connected to loved ones who may be far away, we are also connected to inspiration. The field that connects us allows us to send strength and love to others and to experience the fortification that comes from others’ love flowing to us. And, much as a pinwheel is powered by the wind, we have access to inspiration and insight when we open up our minds and hearts and allow ourselves to notice that we are a part of something vast and powerful.

I use our Twirl symbol to remind me throughout my day to breathe, and through my breath return again and again to awareness in present time. It is ONLY in present time we can experience our connection to a greater whole. It is in present time we feel the support, inspiration, and strength available to us always. When I allow an inflow of inspiration to fortify and uplift my mind and heart, I feel outstanding in my field. In my work as a teacher, as a mother/grandmother, or as a partner, I am connected. My work is relevant and impactful. Treat yourself to a gift from Twirl, and remember you are connected! You are important. You can be outstanding in your field today!

Hope and Healing

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Do you feel the changing season? Do you feel the spin of the turning of the planet?  How do YOU maintain stability in the midst of inevitable change? The natural world holds clues that sustain and uplift me. October’s remarkably blue sky painted with exquisite cloud formations, magical fall days with multi-colored leaves swirling in winds, and night skies deep with stars, all tell a story of a vast and connected universe. Noticing this invites me to both focus my awareness more deeply within and expand my attention to our interconnections. As we say in yoga: namaste. The Light within me greets the Light within you. Or, as we say here at Twirl: Twirl…Connect.

As change sweeps around me, I use our motto, “wrap yourself in the power of words” to create a stable focus for myself. “Love and Appreciation”, the message we share in our premiere collection, establishes our foundation. I’ve written briefly about the choice of those words in an earlier blog that you can read here.

This month, we’re bringing out a new design, created in partnership with Turning Point, a Kansas City organization that provides “Hope and Healing”. These are powerful words! Use the message of hope and healing to create more joy and peace in your world. How do you ride through the changing seasons in your life? Are you buffeted by media barrage? Dealing with illness or loss? Busy with the ever-changing demands of a young family? Making a mindful choice to keep a feeling of hope alive within yourself is one possibility! Holding the vibrations of hope and healing create more joy and peace not only in your own life but, through your presence and practice, in the world at large.

What does hope feel like to you? A flickering flame within your heart? A light shining in the darkness? A willingness to believe that our path twists and turns in ways unexpected? And where do you find hope? In the sunrise? In the eyes of a child? In the warmth of a stranger’s smile? Sit for a moment and find a feeling of hope. Bookmark it for yourself! Add it to your favorites! Revisit it often. Imagine hope is a precious seedling that you will water, provide light for, and foster through the coming winter.

Last week I wrote about the power of allowing. For me, healing is tied to allowing. The systems within our body and on our planet are self-renewing. Regeneration is built into the design. Transformation, change, and the passing of old to allow new are also parts of the process of living. For me, healing is intricately interwoven into the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my life. Healing on any of these levels is reflected across my entire experience. Recently, I’ve been using a mantra my sister taught me. As she walks every day, she says to herself “Happy cells! Healthy cells!” Cooperating consciously in this way with the body’s programming to renew and heal optimizes the brain’s capacity to release its healing power.

Use your ability to focus your intention and your attention to choose with awareness how you will hold yourself stable in times of change. Keep hope in your heart! Invite healing within yourself, for your loved ones, and for our planet. If you want a reminder to stay focused on hope and healing, order one of our healing wraps here. A portion of each purchase will benefit the programs at Turning Point, a center for hope and healing. Remember you are a beautiful and important part of a magnificent and interconnected universe. The world is blessed by having you in it!

Trust and Allow

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Do you ever struggle with the pace of change in your life? Sometimes things slip away all too quickly. Other times it feels like things will NEVER change!

Pam and I have a mixed relationship with what we call “Divine Time”. This is a concept that reflects our belief that when we live from a connected, heart-centered experience, events unfold in ways that are mysterious and surprising. Often in a way we would not have consciously chosen, but always in a way that seems just right in hind sight. What may appear to be a wrong turn, or a process that takes months instead of weeks, turns out to be exactly right. It places us at the right time and place for finding the next step of our adventure. As we have worked to develop new products for our Twirl™ line, we find this happening again and again. What an adventure! In our process right now, we are heading to production on a Twirl™ journal for recording all the things you love and appreciate. (The more you focus on what you love and appreciate, the more you notice all that you love and appreciate!) We experienced a hiccup along the way, but now have a local source and a lovely product!

Why a mixed relationship, if “Divine Time” proves again and again to be a real thing? We are part of a great fabric, woven with grace and beauty! But from my admittedly limited perspective, the dips in the weave, the spaces between the threads, can feel like dead ends, cliffs overhanging a great chasm. A need for discernment challenges me to evaluate those moments – what am I supposed to learn here? What am I supposed to hear? Sometimes the answer is “persevere”.  Sometimes the answer is “walk away”! But each time, if I am in a space that is filled with trust and a willingness to allow “Divine Time”, I ride through to the other side of whatever barrier seems to be in my way. If, however, I allow fear to be my response, I block my ability to move. I’d like to share a meditation with you that may help you experience how “fight, flight, or freeze” can be trumped by “trust and allow”. Fight, flight, freeze is restrictive and contractive in nature. Trust and allow is open and expansive. Listen here if you would like to enjoy an experience of expansion.

When you want a reminder to stay focused on Love and Appreciation, please visit us a You can shop for yourself and loved ones, watch as we grow our new business and offer new products, and see the archived blog posts on mindfulness and meditation. Also, we would love to hear from you. How have you noticed “Divine Time” working in your life? Where would you like to feel more support from our Twirl community? Our threads are woven together for many reasons; we’d like to think one of those reasons is to bring more love and joy into our world!

Create a Stable Platform

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Our tag line at Twirl is "wrap yourself in the power of words". In this audio file, I share with you one quick and powerful way I use words to focus my attention and clarify my intention. 

Listen here.

Mindfulness - Everything is Vibration

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At Twirl, vibration is an important consideration in the creation of our products. The world all around us is vibration. Movement, color, and sound are some ways we perceive these vibrations. This week, as you practice mindfulness day-to-day, choose with intention and notice vibration. What does that mean? Today, for instance, I chose to put on a durable cotton shift of soft green, with whimsical flowers offering small splashes of coral and lavender. I took time to feel (vibration is sensed) how these colors feel to me. Made me smile! I chose my eggs gently scrambled. The soft, fluffy firmness suited me just right. My eyes, my mouth and my tummy all enjoying the moment. Today, ask yourself, “What do I see? Smell? Taste? How does this feel or resonate?

Everything is vibration. We learn to read its language - frequency - through practicing focused attention. Since our experience is filtered through our unique and personal biology and biography, we are the only ones with the capacity to discern what brings us more joy and makes us twirl. Living ever more fully in the NOW, we find little presents hiding in plain sight.  Portals into Presence. I’ve called them “Dime Store Moments”. Choice of clothing and food are only two examples of ways we create each day.  Our focus, dancing on a platform of attention and intention, has the power to make the mundane magnificent. The light shining around the edges of the cloud or the clerk’s smile behind the counter may pass by unnoticed or may change us forever.

Mindful selection in everyday decisions lets me find more joy, ease, and comfort. Music is one of my favorite ways to find support in setting my vibration. A piece of music can instantly shift me, grab me, and carry me on it. When I allow that assistance, my work becomes a dance of celebration and effortless grace.  What lightens your load? Is it music? Color? Light? Texture? Aroma? Notice what brings you deep and expansive feelings of love and appreciation. What makes you twirl? Do more of that! This week, will you join me in the practice? Let’s nourish and nurture ourselves by paying closer attention to our choices.

Twirl’s gift line was created to provide you ways to share feelings of love and appreciation in a real and tangible way with loved ones who are sometimes far away. This demands we tune in to the frequency of love and appreciation for ourselves first. Through mindful choice during the day and focused intention/attention during rest, we can feel more enriched and energized. This is the feeling I refer to as “twirling”. Will you give yourself this gift? Lay your head down on your pillow at night and feel LOVE. Feel APPRECIATION. Soak it in. Begin with this and notice where it leads you.

This coming weekend is Labor Day. You work hard. How will you celebrate? If you want to treat yourself like royalty, unplug and rest on one of our luxurious pillow cases. (These also make great gifts for house guests and hosts!) Even if you find yourself working instead of vacationing, use the reliable tool of mindfulness to experience more of the joy, love, and delight that awaits you. Each time you consciously choose you are one step closer to living in vibrations that resonate with your highest joys

Just This. Just Now.

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Take 2 minutes and hit your "refresh" button with this short mindful moment.

Meditation + Mindfulness = Freedom

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This month’s theme is freedom. Freedom from.  Freedom to. It is the month in which I send my youngest off to college. The smiling potential of new adventures awaiting overshadows the inevitable sadness of separation.

Driving together this morning, my daughter and I talked about life, as we often do in the car (when we’re not singing along with the Hamilton soundtrack). Today the conversation was about nerves, excitement, and anxiety. We talked about ways to manage the stress those place on the body. She said she uses meditation at bedtime to create a restful night’s sleep, but that didn’t seem to help her during the day. So we talked about mindfulness. Mindfulness is where I really get traction with rewiring my brain!

I love meditation. I love the feeling of expansion. I love the freedom that comes when I allow my concerns about the day to day management of my little corner of paradise to be set aside for a time. In meditation, I can take time to feel connected to all that is. Or, at the very least, I let my little-self connect to my big-Self where I find access to a greater peace and often to a deeper sense of knowing. Meditation lets me anchor my heart in deep water; it nourishes and refreshes me.

Mindfulness is a practice that I use while engaging in the day to day management of my little corner of paradise. Mindfulness is the 700 times during the day (just a rough guess) I remember I have a choice about this moment. Do I feel stress, anxiety, fear? Yes, indeed. They are a regular part of life. But here’s the beauty of mindful choosing. I may notice I’m feeling afraid, yet I might also notice something I appreciate.  Now, with multiple options for my attention, maybe I choose to place my focus on what I appreciate. Ah, that might feel good! When, however, I choose to focus on feeling afraid – well, then I am paying attention to my feelings and can experience my fear from a responsive mind instead of a reactive one! Either way is a win.

Mindfulness can be fun. Do you have a favorite “interrupter”? Something like a secret code word that reminds you to wake up to the NOW? For some time, I used the word “really”.  It was my way of saying, look around! Be in the present moment! Notice!

My daughter walked in tonight wearing her Twirl Tee. I’ll make sure that it’s tucked into her bag when she leaves home. The shirt says “Love and Appreciation”. It is both a call to action and a reminder.
It is a call to action – be mindful! Love! Appreciate!
It is a reminder – meditate on the vibrations (feelings) of appreciation and love.  Feel your precious heart filled to overflowing. Feel the love that connects us even if time and space separate us.

I feel great about sending her out into the world, her bags packed with the tools of meditation and mindfulness.  New freedom for her. New freedom for me.

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One important thing when twirling is having personal space. With arms thrown wide open we need plenty of space as we spin. Crashing into someone else could be disastrous. The same idea translates as we do the work of bringing finer energy into our heart and mind. Have you ever been in a great mood until someone entered the room carrying a dark cloud over their head? Buzz kill. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a peaceful, open heart.

In my 30 years of studying yoga and energy, I have collected a number of tools that I use to help keep me stable in changing circumstances.  One of my favorites, however, came recently from my oldest daughter. As I'm writing this, I discovered it's an old Polish proverb. She says, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” It is a beautifully simple and practical pattern interrupter. Stop, notice, then identify what is yours and what is not yours.

Twirling is more fun when I keep my space open and clear. When I get into someone else’s space I'm likely to send them falling like dominoes – one crashing into the next. When I manage to maintain my space, however, I have the grace and energy available to be more fully present in the dance, no matter what presents.