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Do you use shorthand with your loved ones? Shared life experiences allow us to experience rich and deep stories with the briefest reference to a song, joke, memory, or line from a movie. What is the shorthand you use? I love the laughter that erupts in my home from a single line from a movie. Each time we recall our shared experience around that movie story and that line, a new layer of connection is laid down between us. Great hilarity! Better every time! The pattern in the grand tapestry we are weaving becomes more richly defined. Do you have stories in your relationships that are easily and often evoked with a brief reference? The whole story, built up layer upon layer each time it is revisited, brought up in a single image. Shorthand.

At Twirl, “wrap yourself in the power of words”, is shorthand for choosing vibrational frequency.  A Twirl gift sent to a friend reminds you both that you are connected in ways that time and space cannot limit.

Many times each day we organize large chunks of information into small and meaningful packages. In our digital world icons tell us quickly, in pictograph form, about what we can expect to unpackage. With repeated exposure, my mind associates the capabilities of an app and my past experiences using it with the icon representing it. I access loads of information with the smallest reference.

I use imagery every day in my movement studio. Powerful imagery is a type of shorthand that cues my body to quickly access complex muscle engagement. For instance, imagining the body like a plant, with everything from the waist down reaching like roots into the earth, and everything waist up growing strong with vitality is an image I frequently call up. The reminder: “roots and shoots” engages all the muscles that anchor and ground me while allowing supported expansion in my upper body. “Underwater sea plant” helps me create supple undulating movement in my spine. My imagery shorthand is like a little icon - clicking on it opens an entire program.

I use archetypes as shorthand. Qualities of various archetypes provide scaffolding on which I can step up and bring out aspects my small self wants to embody. Playing “Divine Mother” helped me bring more compassion, grace, love, patience and perseverance to my mothering. Make believe games with my children allowed us to find epic and heroic depths within ourselves. We tried on various roles with great gusto! We learned about our preferences, and our own power to create our world through the strength of our imagination and choices. My husband may laugh when I talk about playing Parvati to his Shiva, but I get a lot closer to the love I’m shooting for than if I were playing the Wicked Witch. See where I’m going with this? What is the story we are telling for ourselves? For me, it makes all the difference.

I use emojis when texting my adult children. Shorthand. When I send golden sparkles and a sparkling heart, they feel my Light and Love. I feel them feel it. They feel me feel it. We are together in a vibration that is, by the nature of resonance, one. We are tuned in to the same frequency. We are open on the same channel.

When you send a gift from Twirl, take time to be with your friend in the vibration of Love and in the vibration of Appreciation. Let them know you will be with them in this way. Ask them to be with you. Feel that you are connected. Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a special occasion, or no occasion at all, let your gifts be little packages that carry the depths of richly woven stories - shorthand.