Mindset Posted on 4 Sep 20:50 , 16 comments

How does your mindset impact your life? It’s early September. All signs point to summer fading away. Vacationers are returning from the seaside; students are returning to the classroom. Whatever your life holds, do you utilize the power you have to choose your perspective?

Earlier this summer, I wrote about a woman who returned from vacation to a packed schedule (sounds familiar!) with events to manage every night of the week. The evening I met her, she was relaxed, enjoying the evening, and firmly committed to maintaining what she referred to as “vacation mode”. She exemplified a disciplined mindset. She was the picture of grace and ease as she moved through her 14-hour day because she stayed in the moment. She was present to each encounter and every task. She didn’t get ahead of herself, get caught up in the size of her to-do list, or worry about the next thing coming. Easier said than done? Absolutely! But this week, as I return to work after a quiet week at the beach, I’m taking a page from her playbook!

I’m also inspired by Carol Dweck’s research about mindset. (Check out her book, called “Mindset”.) In my work with Twirl, there are so many new skills I need to develop. I’m learning something new each day. Developing a growth mindset – a belief that I may not know something yet, but I’m able to learn – makes the challenges fun and exciting instead of daunting and scary. You can read more about Dr. Dweck’s work here. While much of her research focuses on young students, the principles apply to all of us. This month, I’m working on developing more flexibility in my thinking, and looking for opportunities to grow. My hair may be getting more gray, the lines around my eyes may be getting deeper, but my brain is getting more flexible (with effort).

Staying present and developing a growth mindset are 2 ways I make my life a little easier, and a little more enjoyable. As I show up for myself, I find I have more to bring to my relationships and my family. What are ways you show up for yourself? Celebrate them! Share them with others. Leave a comment below - I’d love to hear from you.