Mindfulness - Everything is Vibration Posted on 28 Aug 15:49 , 0 comments

At Twirl, vibration is an important consideration in the creation of our products. The world all around us is vibration. Movement, color, and sound are some ways we perceive these vibrations. This week, as you practice mindfulness day-to-day, choose with intention and notice vibration. What does that mean? Today, for instance, I chose to put on a durable cotton shift of soft green, with whimsical flowers offering small splashes of coral and lavender. I took time to feel (vibration is sensed) how these colors feel to me. Made me smile! I chose my eggs gently scrambled. The soft, fluffy firmness suited me just right. My eyes, my mouth and my tummy all enjoying the moment. Today, ask yourself, “What do I see? Smell? Taste? How does this feel or resonate?

Everything is vibration. We learn to read its language - frequency - through practicing focused attention. Since our experience is filtered through our unique and personal biology and biography, we are the only ones with the capacity to discern what brings us more joy and makes us twirl. Living ever more fully in the NOW, we find little presents hiding in plain sight.  Portals into Presence. I’ve called them “Dime Store Moments”. Choice of clothing and food are only two examples of ways we create each day.  Our focus, dancing on a platform of attention and intention, has the power to make the mundane magnificent. The light shining around the edges of the cloud or the clerk’s smile behind the counter may pass by unnoticed or may change us forever.

Mindful selection in everyday decisions lets me find more joy, ease, and comfort. Music is one of my favorite ways to find support in setting my vibration. A piece of music can instantly shift me, grab me, and carry me on it. When I allow that assistance, my work becomes a dance of celebration and effortless grace.  What lightens your load? Is it music? Color? Light? Texture? Aroma? Notice what brings you deep and expansive feelings of love and appreciation. What makes you twirl? Do more of that! This week, will you join me in the practice? Let’s nourish and nurture ourselves by paying closer attention to our choices.

Twirl’s gift line was created to provide you ways to share feelings of love and appreciation in a real and tangible way with loved ones who are sometimes far away. This demands we tune in to the frequency of love and appreciation for ourselves first. Through mindful choice during the day and focused intention/attention during rest, we can feel more enriched and energized. This is the feeling I refer to as “twirling”. Will you give yourself this gift? Lay your head down on your pillow at night and feel LOVE. Feel APPRECIATION. Soak it in. Begin with this and notice where it leads you.

This coming weekend is Labor Day. You work hard. How will you celebrate? If you want to treat yourself like royalty, unplug and rest on one of our luxurious pillow cases. (These also make great gifts for house guests and hosts!) Even if you find yourself working instead of vacationing, use the reliable tool of mindfulness to experience more of the joy, love, and delight that awaits you. Each time you consciously choose you are one step closer to living in vibrations that resonate with your highest joys