Meditation + Mindfulness = Freedom Posted on 14 Aug 06:30 , 1 comment

This month’s theme is freedom. Freedom from.  Freedom to. It is the month in which I send my youngest off to college. The smiling potential of new adventures awaiting overshadows the inevitable sadness of separation.

Driving together this morning, my daughter and I talked about life, as we often do in the car (when we’re not singing along with the Hamilton soundtrack). Today the conversation was about nerves, excitement, and anxiety. We talked about ways to manage the stress those place on the body. She said she uses meditation at bedtime to create a restful night’s sleep, but that didn’t seem to help her during the day. So we talked about mindfulness. Mindfulness is where I really get traction with rewiring my brain!

I love meditation. I love the feeling of expansion. I love the freedom that comes when I allow my concerns about the day to day management of my little corner of paradise to be set aside for a time. In meditation, I can take time to feel connected to all that is. Or, at the very least, I let my little-self connect to my big-Self where I find access to a greater peace and often to a deeper sense of knowing. Meditation lets me anchor my heart in deep water; it nourishes and refreshes me.

Mindfulness is a practice that I use while engaging in the day to day management of my little corner of paradise. Mindfulness is the 700 times during the day (just a rough guess) I remember I have a choice about this moment. Do I feel stress, anxiety, fear? Yes, indeed. They are a regular part of life. But here’s the beauty of mindful choosing. I may notice I’m feeling afraid, yet I might also notice something I appreciate.  Now, with multiple options for my attention, maybe I choose to place my focus on what I appreciate. Ah, that might feel good! When, however, I choose to focus on feeling afraid – well, then I am paying attention to my feelings and can experience my fear from a responsive mind instead of a reactive one! Either way is a win.

Mindfulness can be fun. Do you have a favorite “interrupter”? Something like a secret code word that reminds you to wake up to the NOW? For some time, I used the word “really”.  It was my way of saying, look around! Be in the present moment! Notice!

My daughter walked in tonight wearing her Twirl Tee. I’ll make sure that it’s tucked into her bag when she leaves home. The shirt says “Love and Appreciation”. It is both a call to action and a reminder.
It is a call to action – be mindful! Love! Appreciate!
It is a reminder – meditate on the vibrations (feelings) of appreciation and love.  Feel your precious heart filled to overflowing. Feel the love that connects us even if time and space separate us.

I feel great about sending her out into the world, her bags packed with the tools of meditation and mindfulness.  New freedom for her. New freedom for me.