Hope and Healing Posted on 23 Oct 18:27 , 0 comments

Do you feel the changing season? Do you feel the spin of the turning of the planet?  How do YOU maintain stability in the midst of inevitable change? The natural world holds clues that sustain and uplift me. October’s remarkably blue sky painted with exquisite cloud formations, magical fall days with multi-colored leaves swirling in winds, and night skies deep with stars, all tell a story of a vast and connected universe. Noticing this invites me to both focus my awareness more deeply within and expand my attention to our interconnections. As we say in yoga: namaste. The Light within me greets the Light within you. Or, as we say here at Twirl: Twirl…Connect.

As change sweeps around me, I use our motto, “wrap yourself in the power of words” to create a stable focus for myself. “Love and Appreciation”, the message we share in our premiere collection, establishes our foundation. I’ve written briefly about the choice of those words in an earlier blog that you can read here.

This month, we’re bringing out a new design, created in partnership with Turning Point, a Kansas City organization that provides “Hope and Healing”. These are powerful words! Use the message of hope and healing to create more joy and peace in your world. How do you ride through the changing seasons in your life? Are you buffeted by media barrage? Dealing with illness or loss? Busy with the ever-changing demands of a young family? Making a mindful choice to keep a feeling of hope alive within yourself is one possibility! Holding the vibrations of hope and healing create more joy and peace not only in your own life but, through your presence and practice, in the world at large.

What does hope feel like to you? A flickering flame within your heart? A light shining in the darkness? A willingness to believe that our path twists and turns in ways unexpected? And where do you find hope? In the sunrise? In the eyes of a child? In the warmth of a stranger’s smile? Sit for a moment and find a feeling of hope. Bookmark it for yourself! Add it to your favorites! Revisit it often. Imagine hope is a precious seedling that you will water, provide light for, and foster through the coming winter.

Last week I wrote about the power of allowing. For me, healing is tied to allowing. The systems within our body and on our planet are self-renewing. Regeneration is built into the design. Transformation, change, and the passing of old to allow new are also parts of the process of living. For me, healing is intricately interwoven into the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my life. Healing on any of these levels is reflected across my entire experience. Recently, I’ve been using a mantra my sister taught me. As she walks every day, she says to herself “Happy cells! Healthy cells!” Cooperating consciously in this way with the body’s programming to renew and heal optimizes the brain’s capacity to release its healing power.

Use your ability to focus your intention and your attention to choose with awareness how you will hold yourself stable in times of change. Keep hope in your heart! Invite healing within yourself, for your loved ones, and for our planet. If you want a reminder to stay focused on hope and healing, order one of our healing wraps here. A portion of each purchase will benefit the programs at Turning Point, a center for hope and healing. Remember you are a beautiful and important part of a magnificent and interconnected universe. The world is blessed by having you in it!