Hope Posted on 1 Nov 20:57 , 6 comments

This past month, I've been writing about maintaining stability in times of change and uncertainty. Today, my message is one of hope. Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". Today, I'm asking you to be the hope you want to see in the world.

I've always been an optimist. Not a glass-half-full optimist. I'm a "if we drink that 1/2 glass and are still thirsty, more will be provided in abundance" kind of optimist. I look around the world and see that life and love are stronger than fear and hate. I see more than enough evidence of the pain and suffering we inflict on ourselves and each other, but I see the power of love and kindness every day, too. Let's stay focused on what we want, not what we're afraid of. Let's join together to keep hope alive in times that often look dark.

At Twirl, when we invite you to "wrap yourself in the power of words" we mean it! State your hope out loud. Share your hope with friends and loved ones. Feel how each time we share our hope, the light of hope gets stronger. If you'd like to listen to a 5 minute meditation on hope, listen here.

I shared one of our Twirl healing wraps with a friend today. When she warms it and drapes it around her neck, she will think of me and remember how much I love her, but beyond that, the simple gesture of the gift brought a little hope into her heart.

Will you share with us a story about how you keep hope alive in the world? Each of your stories is a thread in the tapestry that we weave together. Each time you share, our threads are spun together and become stronger. Thank you for being a part of the Twirl story.