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Do you want to send your holiday gifts with a little something extra?

A gift from Twirl is a lovely, soft and thoughtful way to tell someone you are thinking of him or her.
Each gift is ready to be shipped today.
No further assembly is required.

-You need read no further.

A gift from Twirl creates a portal that connects you with your loved ones.
A gift from Twirl is an invitation to practice mindful connection.
A gift from Twirl  carries potential of dynamic support, synergy and shared momentum.

When we are able to feel the love and good wishes people hold for us, we receive a rich and valuable gift. To twirl, the recipient needs to be open to receiving! Receiving is something we can all practice, because the balanced flow of giving and receiving is what makes twirling easy and effortless. That is the lesson Pam’s mother taught Pam with casserole etiquette. Graciously and generously supporting others in times of need or celebration is the warp of our tapestry, and willingness to receive love and care from others in our own times of hardship or joy is the weft. Both are essential for a strong and beautiful weave.

DIYers: If you want to tackle the Do It Yourself part of the gift, the next section is for you.
A gift from twirl reminds you to harness joined power by being present and open in the Present Presence, mindfully NOW. In this present moment, are you able to feel the threads you send out and those that reach toward you from others? Every day the tapestry of life is being woven by thoughts, words and interactions.  A gift from Twirl reminds you to wrap yourself in the power of words, and choose for yourself what kind of day you’re weaving on your loom of life.

Every thought and every word exists as vibration. What words will you send your loved ones with your gift from Twirl today? Choose your words with intention and create a stable platform with 3 words in 3 simple steps.

Here’s how to Twirl:

  1. Think of the person you are gifting.
  2. Imagine sending 3 one-word blessings or wishes to them. (Choosing 3 words creates a stable, focused pedestal for your gift, i.e., courage/strength/hope or love/appreciation/joy.)
  3. Write these words on a card and send it with your gift. Tell your loved one, “I have wrapped this gift in the power of words”

You have just twirled. Your energy, and the energy of another are together in a way that weaves you together and makes you stronger. Each time you think of each other, the texture gets richer and deeper. 

Twirling is fun. 
Twirl, rest, repeat.