Dime Store Moments Posted on 26 Jun 14:56 , 0 comments

One of my favorite teachers refers to the simple pleasures of life as “dime store moments”. These are the little things that, when I allow my attention to be captured by them, bring joy and delight. Life is so often organized around milestones that it is easy to confuse big accomplishments with things that “should” bring me happiness. Since nothing lasts, and there is always the next goal ahead, a great deal of energy has been spent and my return on investment, so to speak, is low.

I live in a culture that advertises happiness packaged in big things – but let’s un-package this idea. Do these big things ensure my happiness? No guarantee. Might even create more on my plate to have to take care of, worry about losing, or manage.

My joy comes mostly from the little things. The dime store moments. Each day is filled with them – little jewels waiting to be noticed. Perhaps I miss the sparkle of them if I am looking ahead to my next big goal or acquisition. Dime store moments are found in present time! A few of my recent favorites are the feeling of a breeze on my skin, a smile from a stranger, a clean kitchen floor.

What dime store moments will you notice today? I’d love for you to share some with me.