Not my Circus. Not my monkeys. Posted on 19 Apr 21:04 , 0 comments

One important thing when twirling is having personal space. With arms thrown wide open we need plenty of space as we spin. Crashing into someone else could be disastrous. The same idea translates as we do the work of bringing finer energy into our heart and mind. Have you ever been in a great mood until someone entered the room carrying a dark cloud over their head? Buzz kill. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a peaceful, open heart.

In my 30 years of studying yoga and energy, I have collected a number of tools that I use to help keep me stable in changing circumstances.  One of my favorites, however, came recently from my oldest daughter. As I'm writing this, I discovered it's an old Polish proverb. She says, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” It is a beautifully simple and practical pattern interrupter. Stop, notice, then identify what is yours and what is not yours.

Twirling is more fun when I keep my space open and clear. When I get into someone else’s space I'm likely to send them falling like dominoes – one crashing into the next. When I manage to maintain my space, however, I have the grace and energy available to be more fully present in the dance, no matter what presents.