Thinking of You Posted on 11 Apr 09:37 , 1 comment

Last week I thought of you. I was knocking out item after item on my to-do list for that evening. You can imagine my to-do list; it is perhaps much like yours. It is never ending, never completely checked off. When a few items get taken care of there are always at least a few more to add on. I don’t recall which task took me out into my backyard. Perhaps I was taking out the kitchen scraps to compost. I do recall that I paused, sat for a moment enjoying this week’s new blossoms in my little courtyard, and thought of you.

Pausing is a key for me. Interrupting the near-constant chatter and motion of day to day events is my saving grace. So that evening I paused. I knelt to see a tiny white flower more closely. As I smiled at its beauty, I felt my heart relax and I took a breath. I breathed into the feeling of that smile and relaxed a little more. I watched the bright yellow tulips swaying in the wind as they hovered over the little white flowers. I felt my calm and my joy radiate out and, as if it were contagious, I imagined that in that moment you felt a breeze invite you to pause and enjoy a breath, pause and notice the beauty in your path.

It may have been 30 seconds, it may have been 90 seconds, but I returned to my to-do list refreshed. Time and space are funny. 90 seconds, a little white flower – these things seem small and inconsequential, but I assure you my evening was made much richer by these than by the 6 items I ticked off my list. While getting things done feels great, it is the opening of my heart, and the moment I spent thinking of you that I remember about that evening.

Perhaps you felt the breeze that night. Perhaps you feel it now. Time is funny. Pause. Find beauty in the world around you. Breathe. Fill your heart with wonder and allow love to flow out into the world around you. Perhaps you’ll think of me, and I’ll feel the breeze whisper your message.