Stand in the Light Posted on 26 Mar 08:58 , 0 comments

One habit of mine that brings me a ridiculous amount of joy is quite simple. I'd like to share it with you. Perhaps it may bring you joy, as well.

For this practice, I go outside and stand facing the sun (standing or sitting at a window also works). I imagine that my sternum (breast bone) is like a homing device, pulled toward the sun. I feel the golden light pierce my chest and fill my heart space. I close my eyes and smile in pleasure as I breathe in the life giving light. 

Simple? Indeed it is. Soak it up. 

I have variations on this theme....moon bathing is an old favorite of mine. A different flavor from the sun exercise, but quite delightful. On rainy days, I feel like a plant in a spring rain. I turn my face up and as I feel the raindrops hit my skin, they seem to be the most precious anti-aging cream ever. I feel young again.