Balloon Breath Posted on 17 Sep 08:24 , 0 comments

I consider myself a life-long learner, but the truth is I’m more of a life-long beginner. I never seem to tire of the basics, and continue to dive ever more deeply into their beauty. The basic breathing 101 exercise that I teach my youngest students is “Balloon Breath”. So here, for you to enjoy, is “Balloon Breath”.

In this exercise, you are the balloon (you are not blowing into a balloon). It is easiest to learn while you are comfortably lying down, but can also be practiced sitting or standing.

Imagine your belly is a balloon. As air flows in, the balloon gets bigger. As air flows out, the balloon shrinks. Notice that when you are relaxed, this is a natural and normal movement of the body. As you practice, you may want to exaggerate the in and out movement to first draw the breath in more fully and deeply and then to squeeze the breath out more completely. After 3 – 10 breaths, relax and breathe normally.

Balloon Breath, or deep abdominal breathing, is a very efficient technique for oxygenating the blood. As with any breathing exercise, never force the breath and always return to a natural breath rhythm if there is any discomfort from the practice. This exercise can help bring the body to a balanced state of calm alertness. It is so simple, even babies do it!