Wind at Your Back Posted on 7 May 14:41 , 0 comments

I use the image “the wind at my back” to help me feel support and movement. I’m a body person. A movement person. When I take time to notice my posture (200 times on a good day!), simply feeling the sail-like rectangle of my torso lifted by a gentle breeze behind my heart brings me a smile, relaxes me, and straightens my alignment. Try it for yourself right now…. feel the wind at your back.

My sister is more of a feeling person. She imagines this breeze behind her when she has a difficult task in front of her, and she sails along with strength and grace.

Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing several women wearing our TWIRL t-shirts. The TWIRL logo is embroidered on the back between the shoulder blades. It reminds me of the wind at our back. Energy is flowing into us at every moment. Like the breath, we take it in and send it out, most of the time not paying much attention to it. Also like the breath, we can use it to build strength and vitality, or to create an experience of calm and peace when we desire that.

The wind may bring fresh insight. Perhaps, like a kite, we can allow the breeze to lift us to a higher perspective. Perhaps we simply leave heavier things behind for the moment.

 Pause. Breathe. Close your eyes and open your heart. What do you imagine when you feel the wind at your back?