Traveling Throw Posted on 19 Aug 13:55

It is great to hear how people connect and use their energy to uplift each other. This is a story we heard about earlier this summer, and wanted to share with you ...
A group of high school friends wanted a gift for one of their friends who was battling cancer. As it would happen, one of the high school posse knew about Twirl, and knew that a Twirl Throw, with it's soft warmth and message of love and appreciation was just the blanket that should be purchased. 
As is the way of people weaving their energy to create a gift of living love, the women sent the throw from friend to friend. As the throw was passed along, in each stop it would be held close to the heart and thoughts of their friend made them feel present with her. Along the way, a photo scrapbook grew, with notes and pictures of each one of them wrapped in the Twirl Throw.
Megan, thank you for sharing this! We believe your friend feels your love, your hope, and all the messages you wrapped into your gift. We are filled with appreciation that you took the time to share your story, and that you chose Twirl to be part of the love as it traveled cross country to your friend.