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Can't Judge That!

Can't Judge That! Posted on 22 Jan 08:46

The story we are sharing here arrived in response to this video....


I was going to talk about my judging people while I’m driving.  I get so annoyed and irritated at some of the drivers out there, and I know I make judgments about them.  I was going to try and pay attention, then email you about it.

However, something else happened that shocked me. 

I have an elderly relative who was brought up to KU Medical Center on Thursday night (she’s okay, by the way, and back home).  I spent the night there, and the next morning, I took her husband down to the cafeteria for breakfast.  There were a lot of people coming and going, many of whom were staff members. 

I was watching this one man in scrubs walking across the room.  He looked…..well, I realized suddenly that I was judging him based on his looks.  I did not know his name.  I did not know anything about him.  He very well could have been THE most important doctor at KU Med.  But because of how he looked, I was judging what kind of person he probably was, and what his job there probably was. 

That was really eye-opening and shocking to me.  I was unconsciously judging him.  I didn’t say to myself, “Oh!  He looks however, he must be this or that kind of person.”  But the judgment was there, nevertheless.  Kind of like that guy and his kids on the subway in Stephen Covey’s example.  It really makes one stop and think. 

Thank you for these mindful moments.  I have been working with a mindful eating program, so this flows right along with that. 

Linda D.

Traveling Throw

Traveling Throw Posted on 19 Aug 13:55

A traveling throw helped make friends feel more connected, and was a great way to show love and support for their friend.